Why You Need The Shot Blasting Process

We cannot talk about shot blasting material without discussing the processes of shot blasting and sand blasting. This is because we need to understand these two terms so that we can relate them to shot blasting material.

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What is Shot Blasting?Shot blasting is the mechanical process of using spheres of materials to remove oxides, impurities and other debris from the surface of certain metals and other materials. Shot blasting falls under the category of the abrasive blasting process. Sand blasting also belongs to this category. However, there are differences between sand blasting and shot blasting. The main difference between shot blasting and sand blasting is the materials used for the two processes. For shot blasting you need spherical shot as your abrasive media while grains of sand are required for the sand blasting process. 
Why You Need Shot BlastingIn the manufacturing industry, you definitely need shot blasting because it is essential to certain aspects of the manufacturing and cleaning process. First off, dirty and oxidized material is not ideal for the manufacturing process. This is because oxidized material may cause problems during the fabrication process. For this reason, it pays to carry out a bit of shot blasting before fabrication. Again, there is no point in applying a coat of paint to unclean material because this can cause lack of cohesion. Some manufacturers advocate cleaning unclean surfaces by wiping it or using an immersion process to purify the surface. However, the most effective cleaning method is shot blasting and this is why it is so popular. 
Materials Used for Shot BlastingMany different materials can be used for the shot blasting process. These include steel, zinc, aluminum and copper. Some people even include glass beads and nut shells. However, since they are not considered shot, they should not be on this list. 
Where You Should Use Shot BlastingAs stated already, shot blasting is used in many industries. It is used in the ceramics industry, in the steel industry and in the engineering industry. Other materials you can include carbon steel, copper, cast iron and titanium. 
Sand Blasting and Safety One of the best things about shot blasting is that it is relatively safe when compared to other forms of abrasive blasting. With sand blasting, for instance, the process raises plenty of dust and this can lead to health hazards if the dust is inhaled. With shot blasting, there is very little risk of dust inhalation. 
How Shot Blasting WorksThis process works by propelling the round materials called "shot media" against a surface. This removes the contaminants and leaves the material looking clean and ready for production. The type of material to be used for this process depends on the surface you want to clean. Once you get the materials together, you use a centrifugal wheel to propel the blasting material. This gives you an excellent and safe blasting process.
Final WordAs you can see, shot blasting is a great way to carry out the abrasive blasting process. Use it the right way and you will enjoy excellent benefits.